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IT support isn’t what it used to be, and forward-thinking IT support companies know this. Savvy business owners also know this. Gone are the days of outages that lead to catastrophic consequences and catastrophic bills from your support partner…for some!

There are three things that you must have from your IT Support provider, but they can’t just be line items on a marketing slick. Your provider must EXCEL at each. If you find a partner that does these three things well, then you will reduce your costs for IT support AND avoid long-term catastrophic downtime.

The 3 Keys to Great IT Support

The three things you need for great IT support in order of importance:

  1. A proactive plan
  2. Documentation
  3. Guaranteed response times.

Great IT Support Key #1 – A Proactive Plan

A few words on proactive plans. This is done TOGETHER with your partner. Nobody knows your business like you do, so you have to help us make the plan.

All good plans should include, proactive monitoring of your key components, including Servers and network devices. We can predict and stave off many problems by watching some key metrics and setting alerts for when thresholds are being crossed.

Also, there needs to be a data backup strategy besides cassette tapes that get rotated monthly and go home in office manager’s trunk every weekend. THIS DOES NOT WORK! I have seen more than half a dozen disasters that were never truly recovered from because what was on the tapes was junk and we couldn’t get any good data. Do you still use a cassette player in your car? If so, please update that now…along with your backup strategy at work.

The best backups are encrypted, and both local and cloud-based simultaneously. The service should include enough space for retention of the data for as long as you need it. Further, you must be backing up the system image for servers and important workstations. System images allow for quick recovery in the even the server completely dies or goes underwater, etc. System images allow for you to be back up and running in hours rather than days.

Centralized management of virus protection and windows updates should also be included. Great virus protection must be kept up to date. Do you really trust that your employees are all managing their virus protection updates? You shouldn’t. We give a monthly report showing that everyone’s virus has the newest versions, but our system checks it daily for every workstation and server.

Great IT Support Key #2 – Thorough Documentation

The second key is documentation. Documentation includes all the basic user information, administrative passwords for all your equipment, as well as THE PROCESS we go through when something goes wrong. You should have multiple documented ways to reach out to your provider when you need help. The only way to know that your provider is keeping your documentation up to date is to have access to it! We provide the documentation to our customers in a read-only format in a Dropbox folder. That way, they can access it from anywhere (like from home or a cell phone) and it is always the latest, up to date version.

Great IT Support Key #3 – A Proactive Plan

We fix about 75% of our client’s issues remotely. There is a support center with access to your system (with your permission) where we can log in and diagnose problems immediately. The 25% that can’t be fixed remotely have a guaranteed response time based on priority. If your system is down or you have a group of users who can’t be productive, that should be priority 1, and the response time should be within an hour.

What are the repercussions for not making it on time? Is there anything in writing that makes your provider accountable if they leave you hanging? We offer credits on service for every ¼ hour we are late, but in several years, we have never had a customer complain about response times.

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