Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Advanced Managed Cybersecurity Services are designed to help organizations secure their network, protect their data and comply with industry specific regulations.

Network Security & evolving cybersecurity standards.

Businesses have become a playground for cybercriminals to highly sophisticated cyber threats, particularly for the small to mid-sized firm. Why is this? Because they are easy targets. Most businesses become complacent, ignore the risks, and don’t take the necessary preventative steps to keep the cyber-criminals out according to INC. Magazine, Over 50% of cyber attacks target small to medium-sized organizations.

The good news is that we can help. Our managed network security services and compliance solution detects cyber threats against businesses like yours and provides immediate notification of anything suspicious. Plus we have SOC analysts reviewing your systems every day to make sure nothing sneaks by our operations. And we’ve built it to be very cost effective. After all, what good is a cybersecurity solution you can’t afford?

Our network security & consulting services are available to organizations of all sizes from a ten-person small office to a 300 user multi-office organization in the Gulf Coast area, from Pensacola, Florida to Alabama, Mississippi and many other areas.

Security Assessment
Our initial security assessment gives us baseline reports to show vulnerability gaps on your network.

Dark Web Scan
Hackers sell passwords on the dark web every day. Your organization may have passwords for sale right now. Data Revolution can quickly find out if you are compromised, help you remediate it, and continuously monitor to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Email security
Our spam filtering solution helps secure your email against malware, minimizes spam & decreases the risk of ransomware.

Internet Security
Our web filtering helps protect against malware by blocking access to sites that commonly host malware. Our managed firewall solutions actively protect your gateways from the bad guys.

Active Real-Time Protection
For your work stations and servers, our active sentinel will automatically remove ransomware and malware without prompting from the user.

Our Managed Cybersecurity services will help you stay protected.

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