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Solution 1 - State of the Art VoIP Phone System

Start of the art VoIP

Solution #1 is a state of the art VoIP business phone system with unified communications, mobility, and disaster failover. This option replaces your existing business phone equipment and your existing phone lines.

Features like unlimited calling, mobile apps, virtual receptionist, conferencing, voice mail to email, find me/follow me, call detail reports, and call screening, are just a few of the many benefits of going with a state of the art VoIP system from Data Revolution.

Solution 2 - SIP Trunks Only

SIP Trunks Only

Solution #2 is for companies that don’t want to replace their existing phone system, but do want to take advantage of the cost savings that VoIP can offer. The features of your phone system remain the same since the equipment doesn’t change. However, replacing your phone lines with SIP trunks can reduce your monthly phone bill by up to 50%. With this option, the change is transparent to users, but every month you will notice a big difference in your phone bill.

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